Blog archive for June 2021
Top 5 reasons you should choose an external web designer for your business
June 19th 2021

At Kartogram, we’re strong believers that outsourcing custom web design work is the best way to achieve success with branding and website projects. Here’s why.

Kartogram: Local design with global possibilities
June 15th 2021

If you’re struggling to choose between a large web design company and an independent custom web design agency for your next project, why not opt for a web design partner that can offer you the benefits of both? 

Why might choosing a small web design agency be good for my business?
June 11th 2021

Choosing a custom web design partner is a tricky task, especially if you’re about to launch your first ever custom web design project. Whilst it may be tempting to get in touch with a large online company that advertises cheap design work at rapid rates, cheaper is by no means better when it comes to investing in your business. Here at Kartogram, we’d recommend looking for a smaller custom web design agency to partner with. Here’s why. 

How does costing work when is comes to custom web design?
June 7th 2021

When it comes to custom web design, cost can be a huge factor in deciding on which route to follow for the final product - particularly if you are investing in your first website or your business is fairly new. What factors might impact the cost of your custom web design projects, and where might you be able to save money without compromising on the success of your final custom web designs? 

3 ways you can remove the stress from custom web design projects
June 3rd 2021

Design projects can be a stressful undertaking for any business, especially if you’re looking at your designs for the very first time or completing an identity rebrand. If you’ve got a custom web design project on the go and are finding the process overwhelming, here are some tips from the Kartogram team as to how you can manage your stress levels.