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Portfolio Picks: April 2022
April 30th 2022

We love looking back on our work, celebrating our design successes, and bringing our favourite projects back to our homepage for you all to see - we hope you like this month’s picks as much as we do!

Wordpress or Bespoke?
April 22nd 2022

One of the most common decisions facing business owners is whether to use Wordpress as a platform for their website, or whether to go fully bespoke and commission a custom web design to be built from scratch. Here, we’ll outline some of the key differences between these two custom web design options - helping you to decide where to invest and where your business is heading next. 

What is custom web design and why do I need it?
April 14th 2022

Custom web design is a phrase you’ll have seen used a lot across the Kartogram website and in the online business community in general - but what do we actually mean by custom web design, and why might your business’s online presence benefit from a customised approach? 

Why it's important to bring your passions into your work
April 6th 2022

Here at Kartogram, we’re firm believers that passion is the key to successful business. Not only that, we encourage our clients to celebrate all of their passions through their business if they have the opportunity to. There’s no easier way to add personality to your brand and build a more genuine connection with your audience - by sharing a little bit more of yourself you can add authenticity and help to take your business to the next level. 

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