How can collateral help to create community within your business?
September 14th 2021

With more businesses than ever before opting for a work from home or blended working model, it may seem like business and brand collateral is off the agenda for custom design planning as the return on investment isn’t what it once was. However, in reality brand collateral could be the key to ensuring your workforce feels united and that each employee feels like part of a community. After a long year of such uncertainty, it’s more important than any before to bring people together - especially if you want your business to continue being successful. 

A good brand will not only encourage their customers to feel a sense of belonging, but also cultivate a community feel among its employees. There are a number of great ways to do this, whether it be through events and social opportunities, or smaller scale efforts like brand collateral. Particularly if you have a workforce spread over a larger geographical area, brand collateral could be the answer to connecting your employees and creating a sense of togetherness. 

The best brand collateral for employees is functional before anything else. If your collateral is useful to everyday life, your employees are more likely to use and interact with it and therefore be reminded of your brand and the community they are a part of. To choose the best brand collateral, think about your employees’ habits and the types of items they may interact with often. Even if you choose something as simple as a coffee cup, if you invest in an item that’s great quality, your team will love to use it (and appreciate the sentiment - there’s nothing worse than cheap, breakable collateral!). 

For more tips on how to create a sense of community within your team by optimising your brand collateralget in touch with Kartogram today. We’d love to talk with you about your custom web design plans and how we can support your business growth!

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