Blog archive for April 2021
Why your brand is more than just your logo
April 10th 2021

Your business’s brand is more than your product or service. It’s also more than just your logo. Good branding is made up of a number of key marketing and custom web design elements that work together to create an impact on your customer - encouraging them to think, feel, and even act in a certain way whilst they experience and interact with your business.

High quality custom web design in Oxford, UK
April 7th 2021

Are you tired of searching for an experienced, trustworthy design partner for your business? Well, you’re in luck - you’ve found Kartogram and we’re here to produce unique and creative solutions to all of your design problems. Your search is over!

What's the difference between web copy and web content?
April 4th 2021

In this blog post we thought we’d unpack web copy vs. web content, and how we (the Kartogram team) differentiate between the two - we hope it helps!