Blog archive for May 2021
Portfolio Picks: May 2021
May 31st 2021

As we come to the end of another month, the Kartogram team have delved back into the portfolio archives to bring you some of our favourite custom web design projects from the past. Here are our top portfolio picks for May 2021! 

What comes first, content or design?
May 27th 2021

Depending on the nature of your custom web design project and how you’re approaching the process, it’s likely that you’re leaning more heavily on either content or design to drive your project forward. Which element should come first when it comes to getting your custom web design project right first time?

How long does a custom web design project take to complete?
May 23rd 2021

There’s no formula when it comes to design. The process for creating custom web design products is completely unique every time (and if done correctly, so are the designs themselves!). Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee how long a custom design project will take to complete from start to finish, there are a few variables that will certainly impact the project length. Keep reading to find out more!

I can’t choose between the designs my web designer has created for me - what should I do?
May 19th 2021

Sometimes custom web design projects are straightforward and can be completed in a matter of weeks. Other times, large and complex projects can take months to work through from start to finish. What happens when you reach the final stages of your project and you can’t choose between the two or three final designs your web designer has proposed? Here’s how we’d suggest you go about narrowing down your options and committing to your final design! 

Why you should let your web designer take the lead on your business’s regular updates
May 16th 2021

Running your own business isn’t always easy - especially having to think about short and long term deadlines and goals at the same time. That’s why here at Kartogram, we offer our clients a service that takes care of any and all regular business updates - from website banners to social media strategy, blog writing, and more!